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Van Becelaere Greenhouse & Feed Store PLANTS

At Van Becelaere’s you will find bedding plants that are grown to thrive here, where we live, such as begonias, coleus, impatiens, rose moss, petunias and vinca.

In our 26 greenhouses, we plant and grow hundreds of trays of annuals in multiple colors and varieties.


Large, beautiful 8″ Potted Geraniums .99


12″ Hanging Ferns starting at .99. Our 12″ hanging Boston Ferns are grown year-round for impressive size and stunning impact when hung on your front porch.

Gorgeous 10″ Hanging Baskets starting at .99.


When it comes to planting your garden, we are the best source for vegetable plants in the area.  For four generations, local customers have turned to us to provide healthy vegetable plants that go on to produce abundant yields of produce.   Customers often state that they never buy their garden plants anywhere else.  Here you will find over 40 varieties of tomatoes and peppers, from hybrids to heirlooms, as well as lots of choices of other plants such as cucumbers, squash, eggplant, watermelon and herbs.

Garden seed that is fresh and viable is packaged regularly by our staff.  You can also find any supplies you need to start your own seed, from trays and pots to potting soil and fertilizers.

A unique and extensive selection of potted perennials, trees and shrubs at reasonable prices always makes our customers happy they shopped here.

We have recently started bringing in truckloads of tropical plants for those who like to embellish their backyards during our warm summers. In late spring and early summer, you will find fantastic looking Tropical Hibiscus, Mandevillas, Bougainvilleas, Elephant Ear Plants and Banana Trees that make you feel like you have escaped to the tropics though you never left your backyard.

After summer months when the leaves begin to fall, we have all you need to decorate your home for Autumn.  Here you will find the biggest, most hardy mums and pansies along with pumpkins, straw and cornstalks.  We know there are some wise folks out there who like to take advantage of cooler weather to plant a fall vegetable garden, so we have a new crop of broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower ready in early August.

Christmas time means we are bustling with poinsettias, fresh Christmas tree sales, handmade wreaths and greenery combination pots that really are just what your porch needs to bring holiday cheer.