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Van Becelaere Greenhouse and Feed Store

Van Becelaere Greenhouse & Feed Store in Pittsburg, KS, is a family-owned and operated business offering a large selection of plants and flowers as well as animal feed and care products.

Current operator Julie Ramage is the fourth generation of the family to work in the business, which has been in the same location since it was started by her great-grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. William Van Becelaere, who came to the United States from Belgium. They had fields of crops and sold batches of soup vegetables in the mid-1940s. They had four children, including Julie’s grandfather, William Van Becelaere, Jr.

William Jr. and his wife Gertrude had nine children, who all grew up working in the fields and greenhouse from early childhood. At the age of 17, Julie’s father believed there was a market for plants like vegetables and flowers. He took over a portion of the greenhouse to begin growing these plants. With the help of his mother, who was very knowledgeable about flowers and food, the plants thrived and local residents patronized the greenhouse to purchase the flowers and new plants.

Julie took over after her father and has continued the tradition of providing exceptional flowers and plants for local residents and businesses. In 2015, with the help and guidance of her cousin, Glen Oehme, she expanded the business to include a feed store. Glen has extensive knowledge of raising and caring for animals and he will always take the time to visit with a customer to help them with their questions. Van Becelaere Greenhouse & Feed Store truly is a family business and we plan to continue that tradition for years to come.


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