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How to Shop for, and Where Buy, Healthy Bedding Plants Near You?

How to Shop for, and Where Buy, Healthy Bedding Plants Near You?featured image

Posted on March 9, 2023 by Van Becelaere Greenhouse

Shopping for bedding plants can be daunting, especially if you need help finding where to look—fortunately, there are plenty of places to buy quality bedding plants near you, like the Van Becelaere Greenhouse in Pittsburg, KS. It’s easier than ever to find and buy the perfect plants for your garden or home.

From local nurseries to online stores, you can find a wide selection of bedding plants to suit your needs—all while saving time and energy. So, if you’re looking for fast, easy ways to shop and buy bedding plants near you, read on!

Here are some valuable tips when shopping at your local garden center or nursery.

  • Unopened buds
  • Plant leaves
  • An equal mix of roots and soil
  • Stem health

Unopened Buds

If you want to add life and color to your flowerbed, look for flowers with plenty of unopened buds. You can always buy flowering plants with open blooms; try to find ones with a good mix of flowers and unopened buds. That way, once planted in-ground, you can enjoy a few days with color, and the other buds will open in the following days.

Although if you’re selecting plants with all open buds, you may only get the benefit of enjoying those stunning colors for a short time. Because after those flowers drop, it may be another few weeks for new buds to form and bloom, and depending upon the type of plant your select, they may not bloom but once a season, or if the weather gets too hot, it may stunt a plant’s ability to blossom at all.

Plant Leaves

Plant leaves play an essential role in the overall well-being of flowering plants. With the help of AI tools like Agrio or Leaf Doctor, it’s now easier to check plant leaf health.

These tools can detect potential issues with a plant’s leaf structure and provide helpful insight into how to improve a plant’s overall health. That’s not to say that any plant at your local nursery will have a disease, but rather tell you more about how to best care for your plants when you get them home and plant in-ground.

Equal Mix of Roots and Soil

When it comes to growing healthy plants, there needs to be a balance of soil and roots. Plants that thrive best do so if there is an equal mix of young root growth and dirt in the starter pot.

Young health roots will be bright white. If the plant is rootbound, it can be safely salvaged by removing it from the pot, soaking a plant’s roots in a cool water bath, detangling the roots, splitting or cutting the root ball, and pruning back the roots, all before planting in-ground.

These steps will provide the essential nutrients the plant will need to grow and promote strong root development. With a proper balance of nutrients, your plants will become strong, healthy, and vibrant flowering plants.

Stem Health

In selecting a healthy plant, looking for solid and sturdy stems is essential. Branches should be firm and not break or bend easily.

Examine the leaves for any light green or yellow discoloration, which can provide clues about the plant’s health. You’ll want to look for bushy plants with vibrant green leaves.

Where to Buy Healthy Bedding Plants Near You?

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