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Van Becelaere Greenhouse and Feed: Four Generations Serving the Four-State Area

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Posted on June 28, 2022 by Van Becelaere Greenhouse

When choosing from hundreds of Boston ferns, hanging baskets, unique trees, or animal feed in the four-state region, most locals recommend Van Becelaere Greenhouse. Their extraordinary customer service and commitment to the four-state area built a solid reputation with their surrounding community over four generations.

The family-owned and operated Van Becelaere Greenhouse has grown by leaps and bounds over the past 77 years. Yet, they found a way to sustain the family business through community involvement, serving the four-state region of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. It’s that commitment that earned them customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Serving the Four-State Community

The Van Becelaere Greenhouse started as a way to make a living, and now, four generations later, it’s a well-known business in Pittsburg, Kansas. 

People from all over the four-state region come to the greenhouse for their annual gardening, planting, holiday, and animal feed needs. Van Becelaere’s expansion over time branched into new gardening areas to serve the community better.

Adapting to Change Means Taking Risks

The Van Becelaere Greenhouse went from growing crops to selling flowers, vegetables, and animal feed as time passed. As the family business grew and adapted to changing economics, the decision was to launch a website, increase its reach through social media outlets, and build a storefront in the last few years.

Today, Van Becelaere Greenhouse now offers the surrounding communities landscaping services. A new adventure kicks off this 2022 summer season as the family business grows and expands into new areas.

Van Becelaere in the Community

Whether the plants they sell or their services, the Van Becelaere Greenhouse is devoted to the citizens of Pittsburg, Kansas, and the surrounding communities. 

The Van Becelaere family built an environmentally-friendly facility using recycled materials, providing a welcoming and inviting place for community members to shop for everything they need to create a perfect lawn, garden, or atrium.

They’ve become a popular employer in the region for part-time employment opportunities, as an employer that contributes a positive economic impact to the families and town of Pittsburg. 

Even the local non-profit group, Pittsburg Beautiful, sourced hanging baskets filled with petunia plants from the Van Becelaere Greenhouse. After deciding to spruce up the downtown area for the summer months, the City of Pittsburg Parks and Recreation offered to partner with the responsibilities of transporting, hanging, and watering these beautiful hanging baskets.

As a permanent fixture to the town landscape, the Van Becelaere Greenhouse brand is often seen as far south as Fayetteville and Springdale, Arkansas, and even southwest to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Customer Care Through Customer Service 

If all this weren’t enough, the Van Becelaere Greenhouse has always cared to get one thing right, paying attention to customer concerns and managing those concerns quickly and fairly. To provide quality customer service means remembering their family name is the company business.

The Van Becelaere family’s fourth-generation company made their family name synonymous with customer service by being able to anticipate and satisfy the needs of every one of their clients.

Choosing a Reputable Locally Owned Company

Even during these uncertain times of the past few years, the Van Becelaere family is unwavering in their commitment to the four-state community. Nearly eight decades of efforts and fortitude have inspired this family’s passion for bringing distinguished Boston ferns, annual petunias, stunning flowers, and remarkable trees.

Now they are offering community members in the four-state region landscaping services. It’s a significant investment to enhance a home’s curb appeal, and by contacting the professionals at Van Becelaere Greenhouse, you can expect the staff to treat you like family members.

After all, their reputable sourcing of plants for the community has served the four-state area for decades. When you call today to hire a landscaper, you’re getting the professional knowledge of a skilled landscaper and excellent customer service from a local business owner with a great reputation.