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What Does it Take to Grow Champion Tomato Plants?

What Does It Take To Grow Champion Tomato Plants?

Posted on April 16, 2024 by Van Becelaere Greenhouse

Whether you’re a novice home gardener or a beginner seeking advice, today’s blog post will provide valuable insight and tips to succeed at growing tomatoes all season. From choosing the suitable varieties to companion planting and proper care, we’ll explore the world of champion tomatoes.

Selecting the Perfect Varieties

Although choosing the right champion tomato varieties is essential, to better understand, there are two common tomato varieties: determinant and indeterminate

  • Determinate tomatoes will ripen early in a growing season
  • Indeterminate tomatoes, on the other hand, continue to produce fruit up until the first fall frost

Consider indeterminate tomato plants like the Rapunzel Tomato, known for its long clusters of sweet cherry tomatoes, or the Rainbow Blend Tomato, also an heirloom tomato, which offers a colorful mix of flavors. Research various champion tomato varieties that suit your taste preferences and growing conditions.

Providing Optimal Growing Conditions

Tomatoes thrive in warm and sunny environments, so a greenhouse can is an ideal spot for growing champion tomato plants. 

Ensure your greenhouse provides sufficient light, ventilation, and temperature control. If you don’t have a greenhouse, select a sunny spot in your backyard garden or consider container gardening with San Marzano, which can be grown in smaller spaces.

Companion Planting for Success

Companion planting is an excellent technique to maximize the growth and health of your champion tomato plants. Consider planting basil, marigolds, or chives as companions, as they can deter pests and attract beneficial insects. Additionally, planting garlic or onions nearby can help ward off common tomato pests, like:

It’s also important to note that what makes champion plants so easy to grow in southeast Kansas is their resistance to these common tomato plant threats:

Proper Stake Support

Proper stake support is crucial as your champion tomato plants grow to prevent sprawling and ensure maximum fruit production. Invest in sturdy tomato cage stakes or lattice support the plants and help them grow upright. Regularly check and adjust the support structures as the plants grow taller.

A Rewarding Experience

Growing champion tomato plants can be a rewarding experience for novice home gardeners. To improve your chances of success:

  • Selecting Suitable Varieties
  • Providing Optimal Growing Conditions
  • Practicing Companion Planting
  • Properly Supported by Staking

Also, remember to monitor soil moisture, provide regular care, and enjoy the journey as your champion tomatoes flourish in your garden or greenhouse. To find the best-growing tomato varieties for home gardeners in Pittsburg, Kansas, stop in at the Van Becelaere Greenhouse today!