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Feed Store

Van Becelaere Greenhouse and Feed Store offers an extensive selection of animal care products and feed.  We are pleased to offer Nutrena brand animal feed for cattle, equine, hogs, chickens, rabbits and more.  One of our best-selling products is Wrangler Sweet Feed – it is a good price for a good all-around sweet feed.

We sell good quality prairie hay, brome and straw.  We have cracked corn and we clean our own whole corn, so that your deer feeders don’t clog up.

Included in the many feed products that we offer is Black Oil Sunflower seeds, Wild Bird Feed, Hummingbird nectar and feeders for our feathered friends.  We stock Sport Mix dog and cat food, Earthborn dog and cat food, ProPac dog food, and dog and puppy biscuit treats.  We also sell flea and tick control for pets and wormers and fly control for livestock.

We know that the health and welfare of your animals is important to you and we are here to help you.

Contact us today at 620-231-1127 for assistance with all your gardening needs.